Slipping through my fingers

I’m sitting listening to that good aul Mamma Mia song and really just having a moment when I feel sad . Covid and lack of supports have left us in limbo and it’s a difficult day today.

I thought and we were making progress but after a scenario that she hasn’t been in so long. A group of peers , she found it hard to fit in, clearly obvious she wasn’t the same or on same wavelength of others her age. Some parts of her little lovely personality aren’t shining as much as they used too and it makes me so sad for her . I just want to bundle her in my arms cuddle and love the ADHD away.Sadly it doesn’t work like that so for now I’m going to have my cry and know tomorrow will be better.

It’s a rollercoaster of emotions as a mother and as hard as you try to remain positive sometimes the tears come and you have to let them flow.. There’s healing in tears and letting it out…

And knowing there is always light at the end of the tunnel..

3 thoughts on “Slipping through my fingers

  1. I cry every single time I listen to this song or watch Meryl brush Amanda Seyfried’s hair in the movie. One of my daughter’s biggest struggles has been fitting in; and fitting into a group of 17 yr olds is no longer her thing. She’s found people who are similar to her in personality, finally. It took a while. She has always been more mature and almost too wise for her young age and has nothing in common with a lot of kids her age, she does feel judged and thinks she’s weird. It’s been so hard watching her struggle in high school, I’m hoping University will be different.
    Sending you hugs

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