Rise up

You know that feeling when you have a light bulb moment and just decide no, not anymore, I need to stand up and be seen..Thanks Brène!!

I am thinking about Expectations. My expectations of myself and the people on my life.. They ripple between one another, winding and twisting but for the most and I am lucky my tribe and I have much the same values and morals as me.I have surrounded myself with these people, pulled them tight and held onto them for dear life at some stages in my life… Those words keep popping up for me when I think of expectations.. Not an expectation that they will load the dishes in a certain order or hang the toilet roll in the hanger or put the tea bag in the bin when they have finished but an expectation that they will live life with good morals and values.Be kind, show love , be true to themselves , treat others like you want to be treated, be honest , open, trustworthy, transparent and non judgemental.

So what happens when you meet people and they don’t meet your expectations and it’s really not acceptable for you to have a relationship of any kind with this person but here’s the catch… you have to , its non negotiable.When you realised there values, it was too late you are tied to them for the foreseeable.They are here to stay for the foreseeable.You can’t snip this person from your life, you can’t run for the hills, not pick up the phone call, what do you do? How do you maintain your core values when there’s a very real threat to them being breached from every angle? They are boarding your ship when they want on their terms and conditions .

For me values and morals are taught to us as young children in our homes and from people we encounter up along in our lives. And they are non negotiable for me in my life and they are values I pride myself instilling in my own children.

So that is when I thought from listening to power of vulnerability, I need to rise up and be seen for me, who I am, what my values are and if it rocks a ship to the point of it sinking , that is what I will have to do. Why because I am important, I deserve to have my values and moral met in every relationship I have. I am the captain of my own ship. I am practising journaling and some very powerful self talk that is helping me on this journey and will be forever grateful for my tribe .

Let your true colour shine through .

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