Music Memories

When I started my blog , I wanted to it to be true representation of me. My life, my journey and my family journey. Along the way, I have found some things that help me and boost me and music is definitely one for me.

I come from a big family and my earliest music memory was playing ‘leader of the pack ‘at home in a bedroom on a record player. I smile today hearing the song playing in my head and laughing at the simplicity of it. Remember those.. We had a large brown box full of old crony type records and that song was my memory of it. Boxcar Willie and The Carpenters to name a few.

Those were the days when you would sit and write down all the words of songs so you could have a good sing a long properly! Singing and dancing like nobody was listening and watching.

We moved on then to have a radio cassette player and that was a game changer. Tape mixing began , listening to a radio station and pushing record and play simultaneously to get the song onto the tape and trying to catch it before the DJ started to speak again. The peeling of the stickers and writing songs on the tape cassette so you knew what was on it.Our local radio station was a big thing then . It played the ‘love zone’ nightly and would take requests and that was basically our social media to see who would be mentioned.That was the time for the tape mixing to be used frantically. Toni Braxton, Mariah Carey , Boys 2 men and my own favourite Celine Dion were always played.

I never remember CD’s coming out but during Covid lockdown, I had a spring clean and found the Spice Girls cd single that was probably one of the first I owned. I laughed when I found it and of course had to try to my trusty Spotify to play the song and I danced and laughed and sang every word!

I always remember music being part of my life. I never played an instrument and can’t sing all that well but god loves a trier! I get lost in it and some songs hold special memories for me. Some can be happy , some can be mood boosting, and some sad. I have upgraded to Spotify lately and my playlist is full of all songs that hold happy memories for me and I blast them out when I’m driving alone or at home .

I have figured that while trying to create a positive space in my home , upbeat songs are the best and ones that evoke that feeling like nobody is listening or watching.. That is the reason I try link each blog post to a song and as anyone on a journey they will vary from post to post but I hope you like the trip down memory lane.

2 thoughts on “Music Memories

  1. Music was a huge part of my life as well.. I remember my dad had tapes of Paul Robeson and Nat King Cole. We also listened to the Carpenters and a lot of Beatles. My biggest memory is loving those cassette tapes so much that I had a list with dates and names of all the artists neatly written for each and every song that was recorded on them. We had to save up and go to a special cassette mixing place to get these tapes done. Music really boosts my mood. I run a lot now and I can’t imagine running without music. Don’t you just love Spotify!

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    1. Thank you for commenting. Music works it’s magic for us all in some ways and it’s something I’m seeing my daughter show a HUGE interest in at moment . It’s good for the soul 💕


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