A letter to my daughter

My darling, my little boo boo. I have so many things I want to tell you. I have loved you from the minute I knew you existed. I remember every kick and time I heard your heart inside my tummy. I was so so happy I had you there safe . I am your Mammy bear. I am the one who is here silently battling to make people listen to me for you and cheering you on so you can be the yourself and get chances just like everyone else.

That’s what I want for you. Just to be yourself. You are so beautiful, kind , fun , courageous and brave. I’m so so proud of all you have overcame in your 11 years already. You have pushed through more than most adults I know because you are STRONG, my little love. You have the power and resilience inside you to take on whatever the world throws your way and I’ll be right here still cheering, hugging and beaming with pride . We are a team baby and we have an even bigger team who will break down any barriers that gets in your way behind us.

You are YOU. Your core is who you are ,that’s your base, your centre, LISTEN to it. It will not send you wrong. TRUST baby, trust in people , trust what’s happening for you there will be a lesson or a reason for it happening.

It won’t even be easy but honey it will be worth it. Worth hard times, worth tears, worth being scared and grab those moments and go for it. Don’t ever let your mind hold you back. Tell it to STOP, say NO, count backwards from 5 and shoot for the moon. Just do it. If it makes you happy. NOONE is as important as you. Grab those moments of happiness and utter joy and HOLD ON tight to them , store them up for the bad days. IT WILL PASS, it always does my love and when it does lean on your team and lean into that. There’s a reason for it all.

Fall in love, find people who will dance and sing with you until your heart is full and content and laugh hard and loud until you snort and have tears streaming and a stitch. And keep those people in your life, they are what is good for your soul . That’s my wish for you. Do the things you love for you and do them often.You DESERVE it.

You are my centre a part of my being and the reason why I was put on this earth. We shared our core for a time and I’m so so glad you chose me . I love you so so much my little baba and NOTHING WILL EVER CHANGE THAT. 🌞🌛✨

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