She wolf

I read something this morning keeps cropping upon different places , so I’ve decided to use this as my next post.

Dogs.Pets, companions,mans best friend,service dogs, therapy dogs, our four legged friends. The unconditional love and happiness they bring to your life is second to none.

We rescued our first fur baby last year and as we like to say she’s a mixed breed, a bundle of fur and love. Having her in our life made walks more fun, a new topic to chat about.Someone who will snuggle and cuddle you even in moments of utter distress and joy. She will licks tears away and make you belly laugh when she thinks she’s a greyhound running in the field. Simple.

Poppy was a special interest to develop and bond with for our little lady and we decided to get a little bit of dog training done to show how dogs must learn and respect rules also. I laugh as I think how naive I was making the booking not at all taking into consideration that demands and rules are two huge struggles for my lady.

So fast forward our fantastic Dog trainer arriving and down comes my little lady in full camp gear with a headband with two socks tied to make dog ears and a black sock stuffed with socks for a tail hanging out the back of her pants. I’m so used to her dressing up for games or events ,I didn’t bat an eye and the dog trainer took it very enthusiastically until… she started howling. She wanted to be as she said part of the pack and every command the dog trainer tried to show with Poppy , she howled liked a wolf. Long wolf like howls that would impress any wolf. No matter what I tried, she continued and you know what it was ok. She got great enjoyment, used great creativity and imagination and our lovable Poppy never did get a session number two but she’s turned out just fine too.

I suppose as I write and think sometimes people and animals find it hard to follow demands and rules but it doesn’t mean they are as people or dogs .To me it means they find different ways of learning and picking up behaviours.

Relaxed mode

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