Here I go again

Feels like forever since I’ve posted here and so many updates and positives (thankfully) that I’d like to share to give hope to others in a similar situation.

We have had QB testing performed, which for those who don’t know, in lay mans terms, is a computerized test that a person undertakes to check their level of movement & attentiveness. It takes on average 15-20 minutes to do. A band type headband is worn by the participant and it has a small camera attached to it. They are seated in front of a screen that will show images and hold a clicker of sorts. The objective is for the participant to click when they see a certain image on the screen. The responses are picked up by a sensor camera in front of them and the result is compared to a ‘NORM’ peer of same age and same sex without ADHD.

Testing here in Ireland has to be sent to the UK for analysis and results are usually relayed within a couple of weeks. Its not a stand alone diagnostic tool as I was reminded many times but used in conjunction with other assessment tools. The result is very visual and I had prepared myself by looking at some online but yet its always different when its your own child.

It showed again varying results, attention was borderline and impulsivity was high. This was explained to not show meet clear markers so again no intervention. Fast forward another two months of trial and error and seeking outside supports for ourselves and Lil Lady. Finally we began ADHD meds and almost immediately I saw changes, little changes, more compliant, happier, settled, not racing brain or body, overall calmer.

I don’t have words to explain the desperate limits you reach, how door after door are so often closed and the endless I’m sorry this service doesn’t suit, try XYZ or sorry there is a 2 year wait list.

In between all that ,we began an Occupational Therapy Assessment , privately sourced, I suppose to rule in or out sensory processing disorder and seek some help with the emotional &social skills and after the 8 weeks, I heard the letters ASD. Red flags, transitional difficulties , baby talk, have you noticed this at home. Yes of course but I put it down to ADHD difficulties.

So we are on another road now. Alongside ADHD. Comorbidity it’s called when a child has more than one additional need. I wont lie the tears and panic rose again inside my soul, I felt I had gotten this far only to be dragged back to the beginning searching for help and support for one ‘disorder’.

Autism Spectrum Disorder. We are back awaiting assessment and working very hard with behavioral support specialist who I think is going to change our life and hers.

I know it will be alright in the end and as long as she is happy and reaching her potential to the best of her ability, I am happy. And am grateful for this blog, for my little lady, my tribe for knowledge and strength to keep truckin on.X

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