Square Peg -Round hole, Education system.*

*The Following is only my experience and opinion and not meant to devalue any sector or any person working in the education system.

As I have previous mentioned in my blog ,Slipping through my fingers and What I wish I’d known, we are still very much waiting on our health system to get the supports my daughter needs.I was lucky to attend a webinar for school age children with ADHD recently.I am still in process of trying to research what it is and how if possible I can help my daughter so researching works for me.I was sitting here thinking about something that a top Psychologist said at the beginning.She said that ADHD was so much more than a cluster of characteristics and how symptoms present are unique to each child depending on their personality, intelligence level and home life.I think we all pretty much knew that part and that wasn’t the part that got me.She stated that until teachers were provided training and there was an improvement in Data collection surrounding ADHD, only then could the focus be on interventions to support and be able to move away from the standardized approach within the school sector.

I just thought WOW so true, so much needs to be done for all these kids. They are not square peg round hole kids, one size box doesn’t fit all.Every person is unique and different and has life challenges but for a child who alongside having a race car brain, possible emotional development delay and compromised executive function, it would be next to impossible for my daughter to be able to function to the best of her ability in a school setting without support.

In Ireland ,as it stands children with ADHD are maybe entitled to a SNA ( Special Needs Assistant) allocation in the school setting for a couple of hours in school. I’ve been advised already its like gold dust to receive an SNA, which didn’t give me much comfort.Depending of course on the severity of needs, the child most likely will share a resource teacher with another child and expected to conform for the rest of time unsupported and unaided in a classroom of up to 30 peers and one teacher.If they are school refusing, which is a lot more common that I ever knew, they can receive possibly 5 hours a week home tuition.The latter is the situation we are in.Point Blank refusal.Even as I write this, I fear judgement.What mother can’t get her child to go to school .Lots it seems , its a lot more common than you think!And lord knows, I’ve tried everything humanly possible to change it but sadly all has failed to date.But Ill hold onto hope.

I hope I don’t seem negative about the education system, I really value it and recognize the huge importance in every child’s life . But for me the above is not enough.Every child is entitled to an education whether its the conventional way or not.Post Covid and post supports put in place that is one of the first hurdles we will face.I know, in reality my daughter will need assistance in organisation, goal setting, coping mechanisms, self control and help and guidance with her emotional regulation throughout the day.Phew!! I haven’t touched on the fact my daughter has separation anxiety related to me.

The school, teacher and SNA will need to be very familiar with my daughter’s type of ADHD and her personality traits to be able to implement strategies to educate and manage my daughter successfully in a classroom .It will be very much a collaborative approach between me and her school.

I usually don’t try think to far ahead but it does worry me immensely about the future but I firmly believe the right person will enter our lives and school will be a success again as it was once before.

If the road is ever difficult and rivers seem to wide ,

if the hills are insurrmountable,

I’m right here by your side.

To help you through lifes journeys ,

sharing burdens on the way,

Remember I’ll do all I can to brighten up your day.

3 thoughts on “Square Peg -Round hole, Education system.*

  1. I am very sorry. This sounds very difficult and exhausting. I have the utmost respect for teachers and educators but I also know that finding one that gets your child and gives you the support is indeed like gold dust. When you get them it’s magical. When you don’t, it is so painful.

    It is wonderful that you are sharing your journey very openly and honestly. People who are in the same shoes and who matter will get it and not judge. And those that do, don’t matter.

    I follow a Facebook page called My Boy Blue, an Irish mother who chronicles life with her now 6 year old autistic son. She also comments about how challenging the Ireland education system is with getting supports for your child.

    I hope things get better. Hang in there!

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment. I really feel there is no other way than being open and honest , I just felt when I was looking for information I felt so alone and wanted to make others feel less alone. It is difficult at times but there are moment when I’m becoming grateful for her ADHD . She is so creative and imaginative and honest, such lovely qualities for a person and I know we will get there eventually.. Resilience and strength are my best tools .
      My boy blue is a great page , she really does document so well and

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