Morning rituals

Over the last couple of weeks I have been seeking solace and like many due to covid, time alone has become a luxury for most of us. With children off school and partners home from work getting a new normal was essential.

Self care and time for myself is a necessity in my life and especially with the high demands of a child with ADHD, quiet time is hard to come by. I read a lot and listen to podcasts and came across a book recommendation called the 5 am club by Robin Sharma . It was an eye opening read, that spoke of owning your morning and elevating your life. I won’t spoil the read only to say it recommends you setting a time to get up daily and have a routine in place that will enhance your life. It’s like everything you take what you like and leave the rest.

For me I swapped my staying up late Netflix binges and have begun to rise an hour before the rest of my family not quite the 5am club but it works for me. During that time I have a compass journal from the navigation coach that I use. I use this daily to check in with myself , my energy level, my priorities for the day and my gratitude list. 3 simple things that takes less than 5 minutes the length of time it takes the kettle to boil. I also journal most days for as long as I need .

And from how that goes and my check in with myself then I plan my day sort of. I decide if I need a slow day or have I energy to take on jobs that require a lot of energy. I do this for myself to keep myself in the green energy level and not zap myself so I’m so exhausted I can’t think straight or function to my best ability. I want to be my best for my family and myself . We deserve it and for years I never put myself first, as most mothers but now I really see the importance of it. It’s like on an airplane, you put your mask on first before the child and the same goes at home. You can pour from an empty cup and all that.

When I click that kettle in the morning my me-time starts and I’ve come to cherish and love that little while I have to myself to just focus on myself guilt free. And that is important. .

Every good day starts with a routine

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