I love you just the way you are!

I was going about my little jobs the other day at home and My daughter just says Mam you know what I just love you so much. I wasn’t doing anything special in that moment nor was she but that’s how we are in our home. We have moments that are happening We say I love you’s, we hug each other randomly, we do nice things for each other, we cuddle under fluffy blankets and it makes me so happy and proud that my kids do these things .

All I ever wanted to be was a Mammy , a good mammy and be fun and I wanted to be a constant source of love and confidence booster and all in between. I wanted to offer them the best life could give them.Teach them life skills and let them just be little.These are some things that We love in our home since Covid began. Take time to have these little things dotted around my home reminds us of how important the little things are in life not always materialistic but some need explanation, others don’t and I hope you enjoy them.

Our unofficial Rescue therapy dog .
I will never be able to explain the impact she had in our home. Immediate intense joy and happiness in a ball of fur. If your considering , DO IT..!
My Covid present to myself. I try deep pressure massage at night to calm and relax my daughter. These Himalayan salt balls heat so are perfect for that..

Our cow planter. My daughter and I are very lucky to visit my sister on her partners dairy farm and she struck up a very unusual friendship with a cow aptly named rainbow🌈 . Rainbow responded and always got to the front of the herd when my daughter called her and she has since had to go to a ‘retirement’ farm so I got her the planter as a reminder of her .
Flaps .. Our covid rescue butterfly who my daughter tried to nurse back to health.. a reminder that no matter how big we are we can all be kinder and more gentle.
On one of our many field and river Adventures that makes time in our day for chats and one to one.

One thought on “I love you just the way you are!

  1. Such a beautiful post. We’re the same, little gestures of love, not materialistic ones but mood boosting hugs and joyful laughter. Gardening and chatting. Bike riding and some more chatting. We’re looking for a therapy dog, she’s allergic to many breeds, we would love a rescue and we’re looking everyday, but we may have to consider a hypoallergenic kind.


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